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Your personal relationship with Jesus: Look on my affliction and my pain. And forgive all my sins. – Psalm 25:18

Divine Note #12 – March 23, 2009
Psalm 25 has been in my heart this week. Please read it in its entirety so you can get the full message. As the Lord transforms lives including mine, things change for the better. But as weak human beings, many of us continue to hang on to baggage that’s not needed or necessary. So I’ve been doing research on the reasons why people hang on to the negative things, thoughts or deeds that stop them from reaching their God-planned potential.

Unforgiveness and fear may be at the root of why many of us stay in personal captivity. The cycle may happen something like this:
Hurt = pain = retaliation = wrong response.
Wrong responses may = addictions = shame = any number of different hang ups or sins.
Sins = fear = shame = unforgiveness, so the cycle viciously repeats itself in many ways and we stay in personal captivity to wrong responses which = unfulfilled potential.

How do we get free to experience the life that Christ died to give us? It’s a very simple yet complex thing we must do. Surrender. Surrender your very life to Him! I just read The Last Addiction by Sharon Hersh and was blown away by her conclusions. Most of us can’t even receive God’s infinite compassion because we feel guilty and we harbor fear. I don’t know about you but surrendering meant that I had to be vulnerable and it was the hardest thing to do! But since I’ve elected to trust God, I had to let go of my fear of being vulnerable. Once I did that, I’ve received His love, mercy and amazing grace! But there are more steps…

As I can handle it, I’ve asked for His power to help me see my hang-ups and to help me clean them up. I’ve asked Him to search my heart and to remove the junk! This process has been life changing for me. I can tell you that it’s the hardest and the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. The reason it’s hard is that people who have hang-ups never want to admit them, so it fuels arrogance. We think that we can handle anything and that we don’t need anyone to help us. But the paradox is that this fuels low self-esteem because we feel that no one can understand our neediness so we stay controlled by shame.
It takes being honest and raw in front of God, and the desire to confront our failures so the healing process can begin. You also have to ask for help. So, if there’s a message for us this week, it’s this: Decide to clean up your fear and unforgiveness now, talk to God and ask Him to show you what needs to change. He will guide you through the process. Don’t hesitate to talk to your pastor or a qualified professional and ask for help, but I believe that it takes more courage to leave it at the foot of the cross. He has already done the job for us; all we have to do is accept His unconditional love.

Last week I called one of the most important people in my life and apologized because I am so good at saying the wrong things at the wrong time and stepping ahead of God. This was hard to do, but it had to be done and I will be making other calls or visits to continue the healing process. As I was telling my sister, YaYa, about it I also felt the need to apologize to her for any hurtful things I have ever said to her. I told her how much I loved her and how proud and blessed I am to have her as my sister. She was touched and said that it was so good that I told her how I felt now because most people wait until the funeral to eulogize loved ones instead of telling them how much they mean while they are alive.

For the first time in my life, I have freedom because I know that I am loved by God! I am worthy, I am His daughter and I am loved! I am hanging on to His promises and I love the personal peace! Claim your freedom and peace today!

Have a week full of big God hugs! :)

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