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Ten 10 Twitter Tips for Christians

These tips are for me to ponder because I have to work on improving my relationships all the time . I'm so imperfect... In my case, I know that the love of Christ helps me honor others even when I don't like them or agree with them. I know it's possible to make our personal opinions known in a loving, courteous and respectful way. Twitter Tip #1 for Christians : We're all measured by what we post on Twitter. Remember that we are to represent Christ first . Twitter Tip #2 for Christians : If you use Christian in your Twitter or FaceBook bio, remember it's not about you. Don't embarrass the Lord...or the rest of us... Twitter Tip #3 for Christians : If you must use street language, poke fun at others and say rude things, please don’t include Christian in your bio. Twitter Tip #4 for Christians : Don't use Christian or wisdom in your name or bio if you are going to promote secular "wisdom" or make statements that con