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A community that matters - Mark 3:13-14

Mark 3:13 Jesus called together a select group of His followers and led them up onto a mountain. 14 There He commissioned them the twelve. [Later He calls them His emissaries.] He wanted them to be with Him. He sent them out to spread the good news. Earlier this year I wrote a post about personal goals for this year, and my own words spoke to me today: “One key thing I plan to do this year is to be available frequently for those who are important to me. I need to be a more frequent and committed participant in community.” In his humanness, Jesus set the example for how we should conduct our lives. His mission included other people personally selected to help carry out the Plan.  The same is true for the rest of us. We can’t go on our own power. You and I can’t do good works without having the Holy Spirit’s guiding light. We must first go to the Lord and spend quality time knowing His heart.  We must go to Him to receive our power for the things we do in His name (a

How deep is your love?

Matthew 22:37 Jesus answered: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This scripture touches the depth of our Christianity. When we love the Lord with all our heart we will want to please Him and that changes lives. When we love the Lord with all our soul we will understand that there’s more to this Earthly life – there’s forever! When we love the Lord with our entire mind we will want to understand, share and defend our faith. What are you waiting for? Go!