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Goodness matters to our good God -

Psalm 31:19 How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world. When did we stop being just plain good to each other? When did we decide manners, common sense and courtesy no longer matter? These are questions I've been asking myself especially after reading a blog post in Church and Culture by James Emery White on how Christians have missed the opportunity to rise above the moral, social and political upheavals in this generation.  We, who know Christ, and who are called His Body, have reacted without unity and Christ-likeness in this environment of meanness. But the thing is if you are a Christian, you probably don’t think this post is about you. But it is. We must all take responsibility.   You, who rants about those who don't belong to your  political party; you, who casts the first stone when someone sins differently than you d

Twelve Gifts from God | Significance

Significance  Matthew 18:12-14 -The Voice A shepherd in charge of 100 sheep notices that one of his sheep has gone astray. What do you think he should do? Should the shepherd leave the flock on the hills unguarded to search for the lost sheep? God’s shepherd goes to look for that one lost sheep, 13 and when he finds her, he is happier about her return than he is about the 99 who stayed put. 14 Your Father in heaven does not want a single one of the tripped, waylaid, stumbling little ones to be lost. Monday of Christmas week . Right about now you’ve probably gone down memory lane remembering your childhood Christmases, the family and friends who were part of those memories, and a thousand little memories of this miraculous week of yesteryears. Those memories will make you laugh, cry or shake your head. It’s all in your perspective. I’m going to challenge you to see through God-colored lenses for the rest of the year. Inst