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The tears of August: Only love remains

August 31, 2015 The greatest is love 1 Corinthians 13:13  But now faith, hope, and love remain; these three virtues must characterize our lives. The greatest of these is love. Two loved ones connected to friends and another person bonded to my heart by my ministry finished the circle of life and passed into eternity this month. Certainly when the calendar turned to August 1, 2015, their families never imagined they would be saying good-bye. We’re never ready to say goodbye. Death changes everything. The new normal never fits – it’s awkward, it’s painful, it’s stressful and it can bring regrets.   It is good to love well (1 Peter 4:8), forgive easily, be truly present and let loved ones know they matter.   Because. Once death arrives we no longer have a chance to love. We'll either have wonderful memories or deep regrets.  Choose love.