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Growing my spiritual life: The urgency of my life

1 Corinthians  9:16   You see, if I preach the good news, it’s nothing to brag about. This urgency, this necessity has been laid on me. In fact, if I were to stop sharing this good news, I’d be in big trouble.  This Scripture had been on my mind because I feel that urgency to share God's word and love. Not a moment goes by in my day when my thoughts don't turn to The Lord.  I realize the responsibility of my calling.  A calling I never expected...  Social media has increased the reach of my work for God.  I find myself compelled to share Scripture, minister to those who need hope in illness and more than anything: I share how God really does want us to know His heart. It no longer matters to me that others think of me as that crazy Jesus lover.  But it was uncomfortable becoming the person God made me to be.  I was forced out of my comfort zone.  I no longer fit in any of my circles.  But I am compelled by a Greater Force to never

Growing my spiritual life: Quit playing the blame game

Genesis 3:12 Adam pointing at the woman: It was she! The woman You gave me as a companion put the fruit in my hands, and I ate it. The Voice commentary Since Adam and Eve, people have been blaming others for their mistakes. Adam has the audacity to blame God for his. 13 God to the woman: What have you done? Eve: It was the serpent! He tricked me, and I ate. Excuses do not change outcomes. Just like Adam and Eve, we sometimes place the blame for our problems on someone else. The blame games keep us from growing and using the gifts God has given us to lead a full life. Christians suffer terribly when they place blame on others or make them responsible for real or imagined wrongs they may have suffered. This world will never be perfect. Deal with the fact that you will go through hard times -- whether of your own making or at the hands of others. That's how life on earth is. But here's the bright spot:  you can cope and move on. Don'

Growing my spiritual life: Wrestle, listen and understand - Mark 4:23-25

Mark 4:23 All who have ears to hear, let them listen. 24 So consider carefully the things you’re hearing. If you put it to use, you’ll be given more to wrestle with—much more.   25 Those who have listened will receive more, but those who don’t hear will forget even the little they've failed to understand. Walking with God is exhilarating. The verses of Mark 4 jumped out at me a day ago. I quickly took notes to remember what I read. The more I desire to know the heart of God, the more I receive. The key to any relationship is to nurture, understand and love the other person.   Same goes for God. Get to know Him. Ask for more knowledge. Discern God’s presence in your everyday life. See through spiritual eyes. Seek. Ask questions. Ask for more.   Understand God. Understanding takes time. Not that you or I will ever fully understand God. But we can catch glimpses of his precious heart. Spend quality time talking to God. Give God preeminence in yo

Growing my spiritual life: Why loving God, making friends and serving others aren’t good reasons for me to go to church

1 Peter 2:2 Be like newborn babies, crying out for spiritual milk that will help you grow into salvation 3 if you have tasted and found the Lord to be good. I love living in a diverse eclectic, urban neighborhood on one of the most iconic streets in my town. At least 12 or more houses of worship of all types coexist with tall concrete buildings, stores, schools, one single-family home, multi-family dwellings and funeral homes are located in a two-block area. My block is bound by a Lutheran and a Methodist church. I’m sure they are wonderful congregations. The Lutheran pastor is a kind man who invited me to visit the church when I sent him a note thanking him because the church bells always seem to ring at the right time.  I've  visited the Methodist Church on the opposite side of the block and they are fine folks.  But today, I take issue with their ADVERTISING sign: Love God. Make Friends. Serve Others. I no longer believe that I have to go to church to do that