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Human life no longer matters

I'm deeply troubled and you should be, too.  The sanctity of human life no longer matters. I'm outraged at the killing of yet another black man - two in one day - by police in this country. This is terrorism aimed at people of color. It is NOT acceptable - we are ALL created in God's image.  Christians can't be quiet - no matter your color.   Philando Castille was shot and killed by police as he reached for his license while his girlfriend and child watched. The video making the rounds should make you cry - it could be your husband, son or brother!! Stop and pray for his family and friends. Pray for Alton Sterling's family. Mr. Sterling was killed by police earlier in the day in Baton Rouge.  This madness must stop . This is NOT okay.  Genesis 1:27 So God did just that. He created humanity in His image, created them male and female.  #PhilandoCastille #AltonSterling #SayHisName #blacklivesmatter