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Divine Note #53 - Knowing God’s glory - Exodus 33:12-23

June 27, 2010

Knowing God’s glory - Exodus 33:12-23

The LORD Promises To Be with His People
12 Moses said to the LORD, "I know that you have told me to lead these people to the land you promised them. But you have not told me who my assistant will be. You have said that you are my friend and that you are pleased with me.
13 If this is true, let me know what your plans are, then I can obey and continue to please you. And don't forget that you have chosen this nation to be your own."
14 The LORD said, "I will go with you and give you peace."
15 Then Moses replied, "If you aren't going with us, please don't make us leave this place.
16 But if you do go with us, everyone will know that you are pleased with your people and with me. That way, we will be different from the rest of the people on earth."
17 So the LORD told him, "I will do what you have asked, because I am your friend and I am pleased with you."
18 Then Moses said, " I pray that you will let me see you in all of your glory."
19 The LORD answered: All right. I am the LORD, and I show mercy and kindness to anyone I choose. I will let you see my glory and hear my holy name,
20 but I won't let you see my face, because anyone who sees my face will die.
21 There is a rock not far from me. Stand beside it,
22 and before I pass by in all of my shining glory, I will put you in a large crack in the rock. I will cover your eyes with my hand until I have passed by.
23 Then I will take my hand away, and you will see my back. You will not see my face.

Dear Friends,
What an amazing journey it has been following the Lord’s call on my life over the last four years. I’ve had huge ups and deep downs, but I would never trade the experiences. He has placed the desire in my heart to really know him. In my quest to know God better, I’ve looked at the lives of people in the Bible. I admire the boldness of Moses in his relationship with God. As I think about my relationship with GOD, this passage of Scripture outlines a few key messages that he has put in my heart to share with you.

Ask God what his plans are – v 13
How will you know what to do if you don’t ask God questions that are burning in your heart? Moses asked the LORD about his plans, so he could continue to obey and please him. Find out what God’s plans are for you. Keep asking until you get an answer.

Remind God about his promises – v 13
Moses reminded God that he had chosen Israel as his own nation. There are countless promises in the Bible, but you won’t know them unless you read it. There is nothing more comforting that reading the Word and then reminding God that you need his comfort, his joy or whatever is in your heart.

Expect a response – v 14
God responded to Moses’ request and promised him peace. I love this! One of the things I’ve learned is that God’s response to our prayers can be unexpected – don’t miss it. His timing is perfect. I love it when he surprises me – it takes my breath away!

You can have an amazing relationship with God – v 17
The LORD told Moses that he would do as Moses requested because he was his friend. God wants to be your friend! He is the best friend you can ever have! I’ve said this many times, a relationship with God is like a relationship with your spouse, child or friend. You get back what you give.

God is pleased with you – v 17
Not only does God want to be your friend, but he wants you to know that he is pleased with you just as he was pleased with Moses! How sweet is that? God loves you unconditionally so, of course, he is pleased with you. Change the way you think of him.

God is holy and he sets limits – v 18-20
God’s mercy and kindness are priceless gifts. Be sure your heart is right before him when you make your requests. How many times do we pray on automatic pilot or when things are out of control in our lives? Take great care of your relationship with God and you will experience his best.

As I look back at my journey, I see how much I’ve matured in my relationship with the LORD. I care what he thinks and how he feels about my life. I want to please him and I want to enjoy my time with him. It’s a real relationship and it’s very powerful. My desire for you is that you will see God as a personal friend, as a father -- as your savior. There’s nothing like knowing that your best friend has your back. I can hardly wait to see his beautiful face.

Big God Hugs,

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