How to stay young and youthful all your life

How to stay young and youthful all your life
Word of Instruction from Dr. Charles F. Stanley
These are my notes from today's broadcast.

Scripture: Psalm 92:12-15
Psalm 92:
12 Good people will prosper
    like palm trees,
    and they will grow strong
    like the cedars of Lebanon.
13 They will take root
in your house, LORD God,
    and they will do well.
14 They will be like trees
that stay healthy and fruitful,
    even when they are old.
15 And they will say about you,
“The LORD always does right! God is our mighty rock.”

Keep learning – a lazy brain is a decaying brain
Keep loving – don’t be bitter
Keep laughing – 😊
Keep leaving your past behind – don’t live in the rear-view mirror of your life
Keep longing
Keep dreaming about the future – it’s a matter of attitude
Keep looking your best
Keep laboring and working – there’s no retirement in the Bible
Keep learning, depending, and trusting in the Lord
Keep listening to God – to know His will and avoid temptation
Keep having confidence for your life
You can do anything God calls you to do. You're young and youthful at any age if you're still planning for tomorrow! 

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