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Who are you going to bless? Mark 5:25-34

Divine Note #33– August 17, 2009

Dear Divine Notes Readers,
I need to give praise and glory to the AWESOME Jesus Christ that I serve! I’ve experienced what this verse promises!

Philippians 4:7 (NLT) Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
I’ve just had the week of my life! In the natural things are stressful, I have an ill parent, a very challenging job that I love, an event to host and a child who is leaving for college. Last Wednesday I cried out to the Lord when I woke up with a very sad heart! I received peace that exceeds anything my mind can understand! I often encourage you to cry out to the Lord, well, I can guarantee you that HE RESPONDS because I claimed His promise and He responded!

Jesus Heals in Response to Faith – Mark 5:25-34 This entire week the Lord has put it in my heart to talk about how all of us have the ability to come to Him in faith and claim what His Word says we can have! The Scripture quoted above is about the woman with the issue of blood. She had heard about the miracles that Jesus performed and she wanted to be healed! So she touched the hem of His garment and immediately the bleeding stopped. Jesus realized that healing power had gone from Him and he asked, “Who touched my clothes?” The woman fell at His feet and told Him what she had done. He told her that her faith had made her well and for her to go in peace!

Claim what is yours and expect a miracle!
Ask the Lord for healing in your marriage, your finances, your relationships, your emotions! When you ask the Lord to come into your life and lead it, you have every right to claim His promises! Christians should not be living life at a low level! The best life is one that is lived by enjoying the good times in a relationship with Jesus Christ! Don’t just go to Him when you have troubles! If you are not reading the Word, listening to Him and talking to Him – you are missing out on a powerful life!

Five "Fs” to keep you strong according to Barbara Harris Curtis The women who attended our Celebration Ministry event on Saturday were blessed by a powerful message from our guest speaker and author Barbara Harris Curtis. Barbara wrote a wonderful book, “Confessions of a Kept Woman” to share powerful lessons in putting your words and thoughts to work for you, creating the abundant life God intended. Barbara was so engaging, super funny and so grounded in God’s Word! I just love her! She blessed our group by providing practical strategies to keep us strong during a storm. This is my recap:

Fear Not: There are 300 references in the Bible where the Lord tells us to not let fear rule us! He is our God! He will supply all our needs! Don’t be worried about the devil when you get up in the morning! Instead, think that the devil should be worried because you woke up! Love it!

Fret Not: Phil 4:6 says to not worry and pray about everything! In Romans, the scripture says to transform and renew your mind with God’s thoughts! Encourage yourself! Sing and praise the Lord! Remember to thank God out loud! Say it! Look back at what God has already done! Don’t give in to the enemy!

Forget Not: Hide the Word in your heart! Get into the Scriptures so you can claim them when you need them! The Bible is your weapon against the enemy! Don’t let distractions keep you from God – especially when you are in ministry! I heard this word very clearly! The enemy can distract you and attack your loved ones! Be on guard! Pray over your family!

Fail Not: Our faith is not measured in the good times! It’s during the trials of life, that we need to know that He will not fail us! Think of a big test you may have to take. Our Lord prepares us so we can pass the tests of life! Not only does He prepare us, but He gives us an Open Book test (the Bible)! Whatever the circumstances or the outcome, praise God and let it be His will! Don’t walk around with the “discouragement badge!” Some people just look like their problems! You make the choice to have a great life each day!

Faint Not: Don’t grow weary! Trust God’s timing! There is a time for everything in life! Stay strong! Be peaceful! Stay encouraged! You make the choice! Will you claim His promises?

So dear readers, God wants us to know that we are His children and that we can choose to claim His promises or we can choose to be miserable and live a silently desperate life! Just like the woman who believed Jesus and was healed! He can heal your life! I will not live a low life regardless of my circumstances! I don’t want you to do so either! Stay strong stay encouraged! Get with a group of believers who have God’s fire and who will encourage you and not bring you down! Choose to not let outside influences drag you down!

Until next time, remember to give yourself a big God Hug each morning and remember whose you are! Then go out and do something positive for someone else in the Lord’s name. Text or e-mail a friend or relative and tell them you love them! Try it! Love,

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