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My 100 ways to be grateful - Philippians 4:13 I can be content in any and every situation

Philippians 4:13 I can be content in any and every situation through the Anointed One who is my power and strength. 

— n
a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for gifts or favours
[The World English Dictionary]

August 6, 2013

Gratitude is great for the soul

My heart is filled with gratitude because I made it unscathed through 11 months in the valley of life. Now I’m pausing to be grateful and to remember that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

The gratitude note cup was an idea from my Pinterest boards. Only the top 4 are in order.The first 50 entries are mostly but not all work-related since that’s where I keep the gratitude cup.

My Twitter friend @Sojourner5’s #gratitude100 Twitter hashtag and gratitude blog post also inspired me to compile my list, today. Right now.

Try it. You'll find out that gratitude is good for your soul.  

My hopeful heart is filled with gratitude for …

1. My relationship with The Shepherd of my Soul
2. My daughter, Jacqueline
3. Family
4. The life of my close friend who was murdered
5. To have a job with benefits to return to after the accident
6. A 4-day weekend that includes my day off and a holiday
7. Paid vacations
8. Being welcomed back to work after months of broken ankle rehab
9. Favor from the Lord when procrastination would have been disastrous
10. Having a strong network of people who know me and still love me

11. My health and my great doctors
12. Work assignments that are varied and challenging
13. My day job
14. The Thursdays before my Fridays off
15. A steady paycheck
16. Great bosses and colleagues
17. Busy mornings
18. When a client’s kindness brightens my day
19. When a someone says, “God bless you.”
20. Being inspired by my boss who is a strong person
21. When I realize that God granted me my wish for a great job and great colleagues
22. All the food at work celebrations; leftovers rock, too
This note is still on my whiteboard!
23. When the boss celebrated my work anniversary with lunch and cake at a staff meeting

24. The handwritten note on my whiteboard when I returned to work post accident: “We miss you,  Blanca!”

25. Being alive
26. For my friend Karen’s life
27. For my friend Cathy’s life
28. For good chocolate ice cream
29. I lived to see 12-12-12
30. Favor from God

31. Remembering the days when money was tight
32. To be an expert in key areas of my job responsibilities
33. Glad to love the Lord
34. To love Mondays
35. To look forward to eternity
36. End of a day
37. Flexibility

38. Sunset views from my 33rd floor window
39. Offsite meetings in middle of the week

40. The Fridays I do work; the quiet
41. The corner cube; yes
42. Being a social media evangelist
43. Ankle pain that lessens as time passes
44. When it’s hard to be my brain
45. Working on my day off if necessary
46. Fridays
47. Getting home to three fabulous cats: Tob, Jake and Callie
48. Spending time with people I love
49. Reading
50. My car with 207,000+ miles

51. Neighbor who gives me rides to work
52. Nursing home staff who cared lovingly for Mom
53. Nursing home residents who cared for Mom
54. Hospital staff who care for Mom
55. My Mom who passed away 12-14-12
56. Weekends and time spent with Mom those last years
57. My calling from God
58. Listening
59. When I realize it’s not about me
60. Time with God

61. July sales and clearances of my favorite things
62. Good Mexican food
63. Breakfast with Barb
64. Chatting with my nieces
65. Blogging
66. Writing my books
67. When Tob meows me awake, wants food

68. Jake allowing me to carry him like a baby
69. Giving Callie a home after her human needed assisted living
70. Shutterfly, love those electronic photobooks

71. Lay ministry
72. Time spent in the presence of God
73. Knowing God’s heart and wanting to know Him more and more
74. Bible collection
75. Great quesadillas, enchiladas, Diet Dr. Pepper and my coffee
76. Have a cat snuggle or want my attention
77. Remembering my fab grandparents and Tia Lupita
78. My college journey that finally ended with a degree
79. Lay Ministry College
80. My doctors, really--all doctors

81. Road trip across Texas to LA and San Francisco with Jackie; bucket list ->
82. Trip to Hawaii
83. Trip to London and Bath
84. Trip to Vancouver and Victoria Island
85. Trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario
86. Trip to the barrio
87. Trips to many poor and rich places in Mexico
88. Childhood summers spent in the Mexican countryside
89. My childhood home in the barrio that’s still owned by our family
90. My older brother, a saint and the rock of our family

91. Jack, the cat, of my life
92. My career and the people who have crossed my path
93. My Twitter ministry @BlancaV and the souls who bless me
94. The FaceBook ministry
95. All believers who care and pray for things that matter to me
96. The pastors, teachers, theologians and all who want to know more about God
97. My love for Jesus Christ
98. The great people who are part of my daughter’s school, college and life journey
99. The gift of compassion that God has given me
100. Wanting spiritual maturity.


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